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INTERDUBS marketing plan is very simple: We strive to make the best product possible. When people like it they will eventually tell their friends.

Interdubs rocks!
Michael Riley, Shine

We love our Interdubs!
Steve Daniels, Mad Monkey Inc.

INTERDUBS has been a strong key player for our review and approval platform for the last year. INTERDUBS IS A QUALITY PRODUCT backed by skilled and a very professional team of individuals.
Tom Elerowski, Media Technical Coordinator, Herbalife Broadband Network

First of all: Thanks! I love Interdubs.
Chris Harlowe, Scatterlight Studios

New features = Awesome. You guys = Awesome.
Mark Pingel, Ron Rose Milagro

Your customer service is superb.
Alexander Mihailovic, Tag Creative

We LUV your product!!!
Nadia Bowen, The Cut Club

Interdubs ROCKS! We love your service, and so do our clients. Thanks!
Brian Buongiorno, Tone Visuals

I've been truly loving the service.
Nathan Petty, Little Moving Pictures

We've really enjoyed using Interdubs. Can't believe we worked without it for so long!
Dallas Taylor, Defacto Sound

We adore your service - it's so easy to share our files across continents now!
Michelle Coté, c.2K Communications

I use interdub as a verb now, like "interdub it to me".

I'm loving your service!
Brandon Key, Digital Cut

we love your service
Jen Sienkwicz, tchya

I really enjoy using your services, it works really well for my needs.
Fred Ruckel, RuckSackNY

We use interdubs EXTENSIVELY in our day-to-day and I absolutely love it.
Jeff Johnston

I am very happy with your service and will definitely use it on my next project.
Gaylen Nebeker Nebtek

we love inter dubs!
Paul Leonard-Morgan Rage Music

We are loving interdubs.
Norm Felker, JSM Music

The html email feature you added is brilliant!
Johannes Hammers, Hammers Project

INTERDUBS makes our lives so much easier and the clients love it.
Barbara Sanders Fast Cuts

I am SO glad I found you guys!
Jonathan Budine josubu productions

Feral has been growing and doing great thanks to having great partners in crime such as yourselves.
Poppy Gordon Feral

Ammo loves Interdubs.
Scott Ogden AMMO creative

Everyone here at TM is a big fan of interdubs and the service it provides for us.
Robbie Hague TM Advertising

I love your service
David Banks Double Wide

The upload speed for us is so amazingly fast! Thank you for the upgrade.
Steve K. Soundlounge

We are really loving using Interdubs. Awesome. Easy. Client view looks great.
Eric Sproull Deaf Dog Music

"My clients love it and all my employees at Dark Spark are very happy with the site.
Rick Yarmy Dark Spark Media

we LOVE interdubs
Caroline Gorman rage music

We love your service. And so do our clients!
Brenda Egedy Kolb TigerLily Media

Loving the Service !!
Tai Vare TVM

INTERDUBS gives good file
Alex Gorodetzki Picture Mill

We've had a busy season and the speed and ease of Interdubs has made all our client communications and reviews so easy. I can't imagine how many hours have been saved in all the back and forth.
Al Reitz Reitz Lange

We love your service, and appreciate it greatly.
Liz Tate Hootenanny

We are continually pleased with your services and customer attentiveness.
Rick Orlando perceptional

I really like the flexibility of Interdubs-a link can look however our clients want it to.
Staley Dietrich, Kyle Edit

Everyone loves the service.
Michael Schwartz, BBDO

Alex Israel

Gail Butler Hybrid

Interdubs is being ridiculously awesome.
Stephen Dewey Machine Head

We love Interdubs, big time!!
Kristin Redman Start Editorial

We like it!
Michael Pardee The Mission

We love Interdubs!
Pete Warren Finish Post

We are loving it.
Pedro Blanco Blanco-Lorenz

... gotta love the interdubs!

We LOVE your service. It has taken away the chore part of posting, un-posting, and cleaning up our posting areas.
Larry Andersen, Spot Editorial

We are very pleased with the product.

I think the word I'm looking for is AWESOME
Vera Itkin, Tangerine Films

I'm digging it and my clients are too.
Kevin McGurn

I'm loving the service!
Mark McCormick, Virulens

We love Interdubs!!!!
Alex Neuman, Man On Fire

we are ecstatic

Interdubs never ceases to surprise me. What a great service.
Neil McCormack, Revolution Pictures

Customizable from head to toe, we were able to make our Interdubs reels feel as if you never left our website
Raffi Simonian, Nau

Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Interdubs, it has truly been the right solution for us!
Ricardo Campos The Elements

Everyone loves it.
John DeMaio, Soundlounge

I love it. The clients love it.
Jon Merrifield, PELi Studio

We are very happy with how versatile, secure, and easy to use your site is.
Chris Hanada, Retrofit Films

Really a great product that keeps getting better
Pete King A52

Your solution is phenomenal
Jim Bohn Liquid

Having Interdubs has greatly improved the studio workflow.
Tina Chiang Shadowplay Studio

We are very pleased with how the site is working out for us.
Mike Dowd Vapor Post

Love the service
Scott Malkie The Martin Agency

I heart interdubs
Annie Zarcoff A52

Finally found the tool I needed
James Hagger Troublemakers.Tv

I must say, you built a very robust yet simple to use application with Interdubs.
Joe Fontanez Creative Bubble

I think your site is one of the most user friendly sites I’ve ever used.
Michele Swanson Kinetic Post

I really like your system. It worked well with my 3 collaborators.
Gail Gilbert Cerise Films

John Holzman Vapor Post

We and our clients are very pleased with the service.

INTERDUBS has been a life/job saver for us with clients working remotely.
Tom Phillips Kinetic Post

Chris Lutz, Nickerson Research

Great service, everything is working very nicely.
Ron Ames

Just tagged 96 spots in four minutes. Time for lunch.
Joe Espina Blissium

We think your service is more than terrific.
Mary-Joy Lu, Alex Catchpoole Tanq

I really enjoy using interdubs. It's extremely helpful. Thanks very much.

We love it.
Steve McDonald Locksmith

In most facilities, engineering resources are always spread thin: Interdubs just works, it is one less thing I need to worry about.
Jean Francois Panisset MPC

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with INTERDUBS. It's really working well for us.
Robin Hobart Brickyard VFX

I wanna say I love your site it works so well. Clients LOVE our new ftp client.

I think INTERDUBS is worth every cent.
Noah Herzog General Editorial

Personally, I think INTERDUBS gives Brickyard an unfair advantage over those without it.
Dave Waller Brickyard VFX

ALL our clients are loving INTERDUBS.
Allen Robbins T2

I am really liking INTERDUBS. It is a very cool service.
Steven Hathaway Errol Morris

INTERDUBS is a streamlined, intuitive posting site that allows you to focus on the important stuff-The creative content.
Justin Lane MassMarket

Love INTERDUBS. Saved my ass when I needed something quick to put myself out there. Turns out it was better than that; clients love it and it is my personal webpage!

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