In most facilities, engineering resources are always spread thin: Interdubs just works, it is one less thing I need to worry about.
Jean Francois Panisset MPC

Fair and simple prices

INTERDUBS is being used by small and large companies alike.
Pricing is solely based on the amount of storage in use at the end of the month:

up to 4GB $135
up to 10GB $195
up to 50GB $285
over 50GB $3 per GB

There is no need to choose a 'plan': Your invoice will automatically be as low as possible each month and is solely based on how much storage you used at the last day.

Not matter how little you pay for INTERDUBS you always have access to our 24/7 phone and email support. All of our customers are covered by our 100% uptime guarantee.

We believe that service matters. A cheaper price should not have any influence on how we are here for you.

Our terms

No contracts. INTERDUBS is month by month.

No sign-up cost or any other fees.

100% uptime guarantee. Either INTERDUBS works all the time or paying your invoice would become optional. Many companies try to copy what we do, but so far we have not seen anybody offering more than 99% uptime. We wish for the benefit of their customers that they would copy us there too.

No storage quotas: Use as much space as you need. If you delete some before the month is over it will not be charged for.

Clients have five days after invoice receipt to reduce their storage footprint and to ask a revised invoice.

Please contact sales at 310 526 3298 or email if we can answer any questions.

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