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INTERDUBS currently manages 18,304,217 files for more than three hundred fifty companies.

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Some of the companies using INTERDUBS

Listed are only clients that agreed to be mentioned here. Please get in touch if we missed you and you would like to be added.

7√FX Santa Monica
A52 Santa Monica
AGBK New York
Annette Suarez New York
Ansira Addison
Arcade Edit Santa Monica
ARRI Munich
Arsenal Santa Monica
The Artery VFX New York
Artjail New York
Back Alley Films Los Angeles
Bagg Street Los Angeles
Barking Owl Santa Monica
Bartle Bogle Hegarty New York
BCDF Pictures New York
Beacon Street Studios Venice
Bentlight Beverly Hills
Blacklist New York
Bongo Post Sacramento
Boogie Monster Subiaco
Bow + Arrow Chicago
Breed New York
Brewster Parsons Venice
Brickyard VFX Boston, Santa Monica
Butcher Post Santa Monica
c2K Communications Los Angeles
c4artists Santa Monica
Carve Editorial Austin
Cerise Films Chicago
Channel Z Minneapolis
Charlie Uniform Tango   Dallas
Chirp Los Angeles
Cinematiq San Francisco
The Colonie Chicago
Contra Bejing
Cosmo Street Santa Monica, New York
Corra Films New York
Crispin Porter + Bogusky Denver
The Cut London
DDB Berlin
Digital Domain Venice
Digital Giant Los Angeles
Doner Southfield
Double-Wide Trailer Co. Venice
Downeffect Brooklyn
Drive Thru Minneapolis
DSHNG Toronto
Dubspot New York
Dynamic Laser Beam Denver
Eight Santa Monica
Elastic Santa Monica
ELFXI New York
Element Boston
Employee Number 1 New York
Errol Morris Boston
Fabian Weber Baar, CH
The Factory Los Angeles
Fell Visual Effects Venice
Fellow Venice
FileFlow Santa Monica
Foundation Editorial Austin, Brooklyn
Fox Sports Los Angeles
Free Agents Co. New York
Fullscreen Los Angeles
FuseFX Burbank
Global Eagle Entertainment Irvine
General Editorial Santa Monica
Hammers Project Venice
Headroom New York
Hootenanny Chicago
Hornet Los Angeles, New York
High / Low San Francisco
Hudson Editorial Detroit
hy·brid Santa Monica
Jason Agnew New, York
J-Cut Films Santa Monica
Jigsaw Productions New York
JSM Music New York
Karsh Hagan Denver
Kiem Media Amsterdam
The Lab New York
Liquid Venice
Logan Marina del Rey
Lug und Trug Berlin
Man On Fire Dallas
mcgarrybowen New York, Chicago
Mering Carson Sacramento
Minus L New York
Moca Pictures Miami, Vancouver, Caracas
Monty Wilmington
Moonrocketfilms Berlin
MPC LA Santa Monica
NBC Sports New York, NY
Ncredible Glendale
Nebtek Salt Lake
NFL Films Los Angeles
Nickerson Research Los Angeles
Nomadic Pictures Calgary
ntropic San Francisco
Oblique FX Montreal
The Odd Machine Chicago
Off The Fence Amsterdam, Bristol, Cape Town, Singapore
Out of House VFX Los Angeles
Paper Drum Music New York
PARTNERS+simons Boston
Peel and Eat Boston
PELi Studios Austin
Planet Productions Buffalo
Pleasant Post New York, Los Angeles
PS 260 New York
Pulse Music New York
Push Music+Post Rochester NY, Miami, LA
PYTKA Venice
Quiet Island Films St. Paul
Ravenswork Venice
Reitz Lange Los Angeles
Republic Editorial Dallas
Robbins Media New York
Robot Repair New York, Los Angeles
Rock Paper Scissors Santa Monica, New York
Rocket Jump Log Angeles
Ron Rose Milagro Detroit
Rucksack New York
rws Richmond
Safecamp Hollywood
Scatterlight Studios Hollywood
Sehsucht Hamburg
Shape Minds Berlin
Shine Los Angeles
Shuttlecraft New York, NY
Smile Barcelona
Social Santa Monica
Sonic Union New York
Soundcat New York, Los Angeles
Sound Lounge New York
Special Team Films New York
Spine Santa Monica
Spitfire Studios Atlanta
Spy Post San Francisco
Stand Up 2 Cancer New York, Los Angeles
Stewart Cohen Dallas
Superseed Santa Monica
The Studio New York
Tag Creative New York
TANQ New York
Tchya New York
Technicolor Sound Services Hollywood
Technicolor Toronto Toronto
Timber Venice
Tone Visuals Austin
Township & Co Toronto
Troublemakers Paris, London, Hamburg
TVM Malibu
Two Tiger Three Los Angeles
Union Editorial Santa Monica
Uppercut Editorial New York
utopic Chicago
Valins & Co New York
Vapor Post Miami
Viewpoint Creative Newton
Visual Catering Hamburg
Visual Music Santa Monica
W 7 Hollywood
The Weather Channel Atlanta
weareflink. Hamburg
We Are Walker New York
Yessian New York
Zoic Culver City

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