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32none removes 3:2 pulldown from quicktimes.

Download the 32none droplet developed by Isaac Chen from:

Download the command line version 32none from:

Command line 32none gets started like:


It reads the file 30fps, analyses the 3:2 pulldown pattern, and will save the 24fps version in

32none does work under OS X 10.5 or earlier.

How it works

32none looks at the source clip for valid 3:2 patterns. If it finds enough confidence then it will create a 24fps version of the source file and save it as a new file. Frames will be created like the original film source frames.

It will detect cuts and works well with changing cadence patterns. Since it is able to go back to the original film frames it can increase picture quality for further compressions significantly.

32none is best to be run on the source material. Usually 720x486 NTSC quicktimes. It will use the same compression on output that was used on input.

Free and as is

If you like 32none and it works well for you, then please spread the word.

32none works very well, but we will not make a commercial product out of it. 32none is free and you can use it 'as is'.

We are interested to hear your feedback, but can not promise that we will fix all bugs you might encounter. Send us an email if you use it, and would like to be notified should there be bug fixes.

Special thanks to Isaac Chen for developing the Droplet wrapper to 32none that will make this tool accessible for a much broader user base.

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